Pastimes PEI Studio Gallery in February

23 Feb

Another day of snow on PEI but we were busy today – got a custom kit of our newest PEI farm-scape to our customer who was driving a big truck to get through all the snow that is blowing around outside. In the gallery it’s quiet but we had to put away some new bolts of Dorr wool and tried to get the wool yarn back into the right shelves. We take lots of skeins out in order to get just the right color for a customer – while it is fun to choose from between so many colors to get just the right one for the project, it’s a challenge to get them back into the right spot. As you can see in the pictures above, Jack is no help, neither is Henny Penny. Henny Penny is one of our oldest patterns. She was once a real hen but she expired after a great long life – we keep her here in the form of a small hooked rug on a cushion. Practical art. The background in this case is called ‘hit and miss’. Hit and miss hooking was used to ‘make do’ with what you had on hand in the olden days. Today we run out and buy any color or texture in wool that we want but way back when, people went through their rag bags and made the best of it….like they did in all the other areas of their lives.

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