A Rhubarb Kind-of-day in at Pastimes PEI..

16 May
This is the rhubarb patch out front at at Pstimes PEI
Fresh-picked on a rainy day on PEI

Rhubarb Cake is still hot here

Good Cake and ice cream

No more for you, Jack…

No time for grammie Shirlee to hook today when folks arrive to have a snack before milking the cows down home. This day was made for eating rhubarb.with great-grammie…..indoors, out of the rain. I made the cake from freshly picked rhubarb and fresh eggs from the hen house. Krissy and Emmalee came to help us eat the cake with ice cream. Jack was happy to have a messy person around. Jack kept a close eye on her…would you say, begging? maybe? He also wrecked havoc in the henhouse when Krissy dropped the little chicken that the duck just hatched ahead of her own brood. Krissy put more henhouse pictures on Facebook…Watch for them here too…especially if we have lots more rainy days and we’re all in the house and on the computer instead of digging in the garden. The girls had to leave early to go to help Grampie Mat do the milking down in Vernon.

One Response to “A Rhubarb Kind-of-day in at Pastimes PEI..”

  1. Brenda Watts May 16, 2011 at 12:03 pm #

    Awww Shirlee, love these pics…I also LOVE rhubarb..yum !!

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