Dyeing for Flowers to Hook

16 May

Before and After Tea Dyeing

Underway – Flowers Afoot – from Pastimes PEI
Jack dislikes rainy days 

Today is a good dyeing day; cold outside, wood fire burning inside. Jack has a list of things he dislikes… as you can see.  Me, I am working away on the Flowers Afoot mat these days. All the colors are muted, as in most mats so I  had to dye the orange. I used tea straight from the pot –  I put the piece with the tea and some vinegar on top of the stove in a pyrex measuring cup…no real chemicals here as in the usual dyes so I used a food cup. I love working on projects that lead you along as you add colors…never can tell what the outcome will be; You add colors that suit what you already have in the piece, not necessarily the colors you picked out at first. Then you can root (is that  the right word?) through the rags as you go. One of my favorite hooking “jobs”….must go and hook that orange color in so I can show you what it looks like…

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