William and Kate to Visit PEI what’ll they see??

24 May
these bee houses are ready for PEI dandelion honey


Most of us here on PEI will not get to see see William and Kate in person as they will be visiting the most famous Islander of all, Anne of Green Gables, in Cavendish this summer. I am wondering what Lucy Maude montgomery would be writing about the visit from the royal couple? Would she be wishing they could visit out dandelion display that is fit for a king and queen – it’s a one week only show as you can see. the bees will have honey fit for royalty from this patch.

tail-gaiting PEI style – do not pass….
Perhaps they will fall behind a slow moving farm machine and see lots of spring dandelions then.
PEI Dust Bath
I guess there will be lots of things William and Kate will see, just not the sights and sounds and smells of PEI that we all see everyday as we drive the country roads.
that’s the view from here today

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