Birds and Hooked Rugs and Things Here

29 May

As promised, I have to show you my hooked eagle; I’m not making much progress due to lots of things going on here in Millview.

Brothers Guarding the Chicken House

thought I could turn him around…

Rachel’s Prom Parade in Montague

Robin Rescue…no help from Jack

Windy Day for a Fine Feathered Tail

Vernon River Lion’s Club, May 2011

 So here I am to tell you that the eagle has not quite landed yet; but everything else seems to have gotten done… there are only two surviving ducks; sadly, the two we tried to keep alive were too far gone to survive. Nature. 

Mother duck and her two ducks and one chick are great, no thanks to Jack whose instinct overwhelms him in the chicken house. I’ll be sure to tell you how we get along when the time comes.

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