I Married the Coats Today – Really

8 Nov

We rughookers call overdyeing fabrics without using any dyes at all – just using the ‘bleeding’ from one fabric color into another – the marrying of the coats.  While I am sure no one knows how the name came about, people used the technique to make varying colors of black, navy, wine etc. to meld together in a hooked mat especially for a background. One article of clothing was not large enough to complete the project so they put enough fabric together in a pot and simmered it on the back of the wood stove until the colors ran into each other. Usually, that is not what we want for our usual laundry, but for rughooking it’s ingenious…. using what we have without buying a thing.

my coat parts on the line

it’s hard to see the variations….

birds had a lovely day too….

and Jack has recovered….

 Here are my coats on the line this am. They are actually too heavy and felted for rughooking so I plan to do some felting projects for Christmas…. plan, being the operative word here. The chickens and ducks were having a great day too so I thought I would show them off as well. As for Jack, he’s back to his old self with the help of a dose of calcium evey day for the rest of his life.

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