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That Bald Eagle Gives Me the Jitters

9 Jun

have to keep myself alert for
sudden attacks from birds overhead….

Today is the day that this guys gets out of Jack’s hair and goes to the finishing stage….final touches, steaming, finishing edges, and pocket for rod to hang.

see you at the Hillsboroufg Eagle Festival on the weekend.!/topic.php?uid=126380804042251&topic=379

Have joined the Link up Party at Funky Junk..visit to see the wonderful creations or to show everyone your own project…click on the link below

Hand-hooked eagle to fly on the weekend on PEI..

7 Jun


She should be flying over Mount Stewart by Friday for the weekend of the Hillsborough Eagle Festival. I’ve decided that I should tell you how things are going and what I’m actually doing to bore Jack so much. I have hand-dyed the blue sky…
I have cut the wool into strips with the strip cutter and keep the strips in order so that I can hook them consecutively…looks easy but it’s a little hard on the brain….every long strip in order, so that the mottled dye job will represent the colors in the blue sky.
keeping track is worth the trouble…you’ll see…
Then you can get the full effect in the sky; but you have to look closely at the real thing. For some unknown reason the lighter spots on the wool hooked in around the bird…if I tried to do it, it probably would not work like that. Looks like I planned it that way; did you know that rug-hooking is like everything else in life: sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but always plug away anyway. I won this round so far but…I will not show you the finished ground in the piece until tomorrow….or until it works as well as the sky did….

she’s flying over Mount Stewart PEI….

Now here is the latest version of her, flying happily over Mount Stewart – the river is in the shape of an S according to Rosemary Curley who sent me a Google map of the area…something mostly seen only by eagles  and other fliers.

Dogs and Eagles and Babies and Flowers

4 Jun

I never get anything done around here. Too many projects and not enough time for them all. so I do what I feel like doing and works for me. Housework is not on my radar, not even close so when you visit, you’ll notice but I have good intentions, just not great intentions to waste my time slaving over dust.

I don’t know why she plants more flowers…


I can hook but she won’t let me…

Dar..n baby; they think she’s cute and cuddly…


And Barry is no Better…old things…

And the birds are just plain weird around here…

These pics tell you why…. i never get anything done in the line of a day….

Hand Hooked Eagle for Eagle Festival

4 Jun
You can’t have the chair..

Because we are going to be demonstrating rug hooking at the Eagle Festival next weekend in Mount Stewart, just a few miles from here, we’ll be donating one of the prizes for their fund-raising raffle. I understand that first prize will be a trip to an eagle’s nest. That would be quite the win for a naturalist or adventourous person, wouldn’t it?  I am not sure how that compares to winning our original design of Canadian maple leaves on a traditions piece you could win it and take it home for your own ‘seat’.  If all goes well this week, our eagle wall-hanging will be hooked and ready for viewing, if not it will will be our demonstration piece as we show folks how it is done in the traditional Island way. Perhaps we’ll see you there.