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Dyeing for Flowers to Hook

16 May

Before and After Tea Dyeing

Underway – Flowers Afoot – from Pastimes PEI
Jack dislikes rainy days 

Today is a good dyeing day; cold outside, wood fire burning inside. Jack has a list of things he dislikes… as you can see.  Me, I am working away on the Flowers Afoot mat these days. All the colors are muted, as in most mats so I  had to dye the orange. I used tea straight from the pot –  I put the piece with the tea and some vinegar on top of the stove in a pyrex measuring cup…no real chemicals here as in the usual dyes so I used a food cup. I love working on projects that lead you along as you add colors…never can tell what the outcome will be; You add colors that suit what you already have in the piece, not necessarily the colors you picked out at first. Then you can root (is that  the right word?) through the rags as you go. One of my favorite hooking “jobs”….must go and hook that orange color in so I can show you what it looks like…

The Duck had a Chicken Yesterday

14 May
I wish I had a sister or brother…

I know the picture is not great but she got cranky when Jack and I came in..I snapped and ran so as to not disturb the peace any more than that.

A Day to Pick the Daffidolls

4 May

While it is supposed to be warm and springy today, I put my woolen headband on to walk out for the mail and was glad I did…the wind is wicked out there. Have my hooked rug almost done so no more pictures of Jack and it until the reveal…I’d say about Friday. Barry is picking up the wooden rods for hanging it on. I spent all day yesterday fixing the odd places and making the thing look straight. My Aunt Norma always said that any project is one third planning and start-up, one third working at the actual piece and the last third is spent on the finishing. This is all in terms of energy and time. If you jump into the middle, that where you land, perhaps in a muddle. Try it and see … All for today as I have to do some major house stuff. The fur balls are piling up, the laundry is piling up and the dishes…..

Almost sailing away……

2 May
still waiting…
they both look the same to me

Is this thing every going to be finished? Jack has resigned himself to the fact that it’s quite the process. Here’s the latest version…I kinda feel the same as Jack does…I want to see the finished version asap.

The ceremony is getting a little long….

29 Apr
I can hardly stay awake….

Is my hat tilted enough? I couldn’t get it to stand on end….who designed yours? Mine is vintage.

My ship is still a work in progress

26 Apr
Jack is bored again


It has sails but no hull yet

Can you tell that Jack is bored with me  …ship…hummm…without a hull ..seems to be sailing tho..

Hooking along on the PEI ship from 1800s

25 Apr
the Peake ship

I have been trying to find time to finish this piece for the first of May. Easter visitors and Jasmines 16th birthday to do in between…so it is beginning to look like it is sailing out of Charlottetown harbor… cheers from Shirlee

The ship may sail a handhooked rug

14 Apr

I am now making more headway than not on my barque project for my “Peake” granddaughter. I had all sails set and had to return to port, so to speak; dyed a third batch of wool with tea…less tea, drank more. Now I’m happy but may miss the date I am due in port. Jack tells me he’s happy with the new and improved version.

First dye job turned too yellow …

13 Apr

First dye job was so lovely, a hookers dream to look at but too much tea gave a yellow, not an antique look. Dorr natural is too white so another tea job this am; it’s in the dryer now. This is how much I have not got done on the ship…and most of it will be replaced with the new ‘sail’ color. Even Jack wouldn’t look…

First Easter Egg in Millview PEI

3 Apr

You probably don’t want to hear about my trip to Cuba last week but some day I will post the pics of that wonderful hot place…the beach was a sight to see and was very hot.

Today Jack and I went for walk in the April snow that fell over night on PEI. Just behind our place he found lots to sniff about. And in the chicken hose our new little black hen laid a beautiful egg and was telling the rest about it when we came in. In the pic below  it is still warm even tho it is just at freezing outside and I had my warm gloves on. There she is in the next shot, telling everyone else what she had done. We have been getting lovely Muscovy duck eggs for weeks and the two big hens are laying every day now.

Heather and I created a new mat pattern that has to be hooked pretty soon as I would like to enter it into a show in Summerside. It is my grand daughter’s great, great grandfather’s ship. It was built in Mt. Stewart PEI in the late 1800s and sailed out of Peake’s Wharf, Charlottetown, PEI. I’ll be telling you more as I find out more about it and the merchants that sailed her across the seas.